Lauren Sandler
Centuripe Lidded SeriesCenturipe openattachment and absence
Centuripe Series
Born a conjoined vessel of parental cultures, I embody a disjointed aesthetic, an uncomfortable coming together. Drawn to the unique Centuripe lidded vessels, forms that merged cultures, peoples, sacred and everyday. From a place where my mother’s family descended and still live, Centuripe produced ware that spanned only one generation. Yet, these pieces connected earlier and later periods. They amplified multicultural ancient Greece and Rome, resoundingly refute false narratives that classical antiquity was a homogeneous time and place, and interrogate Euro-centric art history as founded on ideologies from scholars and scientists of a 19th century racism misappropriating earlier eras. These polychromatic works bridge architecture and painting, function and adornment, love and death, myth and reality. I repeatedly, deliberately attach objects of recollections, lives present often in their absence, a robust declaration of the multiple perspectives and truths alive in the work.