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Re-collections Exhibition Statement:

My mother’s perfume bottle long ago home on the apartment bathroom vanity. Once her morning ritual, wrist spray lingered in the air, now a vessel of recollections. Today when I remove the lid and bring the bottle to my nose, eyes closed, past scent conjured, I imagine her hands, now mine, mark its contours, memories’ alchemy.

Containers embody energy of past use. Our domestic objects collect familial and cultural histories over eras and through place as unseen spaces build home.
Wear and time leave evidence, dimensional memory gathers and quietly layers. Private and shared, our interior landmarks reveal a felt sense with residues’ gesture. Intimacies alive in our collections, the objects surround us and tell our generational stories.

Drawn to the still life and its ongoing transformation, I invoke the parallels to ceramic arts through mutual themes of everyday representation and marginalized critical reception. Both genres posses a quietness and touch on the brevity and impermanence of life in prosaic forms and mundane environments.

Pinched from clay, handbuilt, touched and self-conscious the objects slowly emerge, a hidden artifact uncovered. Traces and imperfections laid bare unveil lives; ancestral histories entwine with present moments.

Re-collections Exhibition 2014