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General Artist Statement:

Pinched from clay, touched and imperfect, my work examines the nuanced crevices and broad cracks in the myriad chronicles told by objects. Relics carry a legacy of dismantling and reconstruction, and archive cultural evidence as histories entwine with present moments. I develop work where visceral and structural meet, a shared intersection of body, culture, and history, with the mundane as monumental. In this liminal space, I investigate power and perspective; deconstruct mythologies and decenter dominant frameworks.
Through fragmented forms, allegoric containers and mundane assemblages, I explore stories ignored and erased by systemic boundaries and intimate obstructions. With mutable topographies and quotidian tableau, I highlight interior obfuscated terrain, interrogate status, and inscribe substance in detritus. I construct parables and dislocate every-day items to expose contextual power ascribed to those with more access and greater means. Such compositions question our fixed notions of capacity, and implicate our assumptions of normal and worth.
With archetypal pots, the discursive vessel conjures the individual and collective body, and the axis upon which viewpoint and significance turn. Through conjoined iconic profiles, perception and meaning shift as I investigate the struggles at the precipice where oppositional elements converge. My work articulates concurrent recollections and questions representation to amplify stories distorted, rewritten, and untold. I bifurcate allegoric vessels with artifacts, to depict impact and sites of historic consequence, places of collision where movements navigate borders and disrupt ruling ideologies.
My work focuses on different forces coming together and investigates the conflicting narratives distributed when distinct shapes combine in one form. Consequently, these pieces seek to simultaneously disorient, reorient, and reimagine anew. At the interstice of context and content, systems and residue, remnants unravel multiple truths, as clay provides a spectrum of possibility where lives manifest and transform in everyday moments and overlooked corners.