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Materials: Handbuilt earthenware with terra sigillata and glaze

Artist Statement:
My work resides in the liminal narrative between our literal and figurative, outer and inner spaces. Who occupies the gaze, its control and authority, and who remains subject to it? I redefine our fixed narratives of capacity and implicate our assumptions of normal, beauty, and worth. The vessel embodies the axis upon which viewpoint and significance turn. A series of windowsills delineate the plane and constraints, as the frame shapes our perceptions. Through classic forms and styles, I handbuild tureens, utensils, and still lives to demythologize the status of these objects. My pieces inscribe substance in detritus. A lost shoe holds floral promise; a recycled egg carton germinates future nourishment.
We construct precious evidence through mundane assemblages to reveal the unique significance of our lives. I hope to dismantle the binary opposition between inside and outside and expose cultural and contextual power ascribed to those with more access and greater means. This unearths a spectrum of possibility where beauty exudes from everyday moments and overlooked corners.