Lauren Sandler
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Community Projects
In this ongoing project I endeavor to bring together people from disparate environments and explore the nexus of art, nourishment, and social engagement. Ceramics, often devalued, functions as a platform to give voice to those who may lack social capital, and feel marginalized. As a teacher, I can utilize my privilege to insure others have access to and can harness knowledge and resources.

With workshops and exercises, we invoke ideas of nourishment, broadly defined, and call for a curiosity and awareness of possibility. In this way we question our fixed narratives of capacity, normal, beauty, and worth, and dismantle our assumptions of one another. I hope to gather, create, talk, share, and learn. Through this exchange we employ clay as an empowering and sustaining medium affecting change.

Part of NCECA's Across the Table Across the Land Exhibition in Kansas City, MO 2016. You can view it in the NCECA Digital Archive Clay’s Nourishment: Handbuilding Interdependent Communities