Portfolio > Bifurcated Struggles

Alchemists, we carry artifacts of institutional debris and germinate nourishment and connection. With fragmented forms and allegoric containers, I provide a channel to link cultural histories as prosaic landscapes emerge. In this liminal narrative, my work questions capacity and worth. The discursive vessel conjures the individual and collective body, a community vascular system that gives and receives. I explore mutable topographies of interior obfuscated terrain and exterior dominant perspectives to reveal stories erased by legacies of capitalism and colonialism. Pinched archetypal pots and still lives demythologize status and inscribe substance in detritus. Classical bifurcates traditional as parasitic teacups proliferate to engulf a water bowl. Plastic bottles showcase the Flint water crisis and Nestle's imperial practices. Coil pot conduits devolve from mutualism to convey consumption. At the interstice of abundance, sustainability and decay, we unearth a spectrum of cooperative potential.