Portfolio > Torn Bits Conjoin Geographies

Through conjoined historic pots torn and layered bit-by-bit, I interweave form, content, and materiality. I explore using clay to record and translate movements of the landscape on my walk. I experimented, tearing clay bit by elemental bit, embracing the evocative material and marks that evidenced my touch. Piece by piece, I laid down a map of the shifts of geologic features, translating earth into the body of a vessel. I folded the horizontal land into the vertical contours of containers that crossed boundaries of space, place, and time. Using this process, I developed my Torn Geographies series. I combined iconic vessel shapes in unsettling juxtapositions. These pots’ profiles began with pinched planes as bases that transitioned upward to heavily textured, rhythmically torn sections. Dismantling the boundary of the base, I added small torn pieces of clay, layer by layer, to develop a new form, which revealed its shape slowly as a reflection of past and future landscapes. The pots varied in scale and surface; some were covered in terra sigillata and pit-fired to a black finish, others glazed in yellow and red tones. The contrasting finishes utilize both ancient and contemporary techniques. I built these containers as metamorphic reassemblages, as reconfigured bodies, to hold my movements through the environment of my walk and to represent the capacity of a community without barriers that marginalize it. Gathered together, these pieces are permeable interwoven terrains with which I articulate gestures and possibilities.