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My family’s home burned to the ground. This is a tile project I began as resident artist at the Hurleyville Maker's lab at The Center for Discovery. A video was filmed of the actual fire by a neighbor and posted online. I converted the audio waves of the fire and lone bird among the ashes onto hand built clay slabs, buried the tiles in the earth in a pit fire, and laser cut the audio waves of the fire and bird. This is the result.

I collaborated on a video of this project with my partner Erica Ganzell who wrote the accompanying poem.

This ekphrastic ceramic video poem amplifies demonstration and documentation, conjoins process and product, moves the spectator to collaborator through a fusion of nature and technology, hand and machine, a hybrid of word, clay, image and sound. Form reflects content, out of fire comes ash, from destruction emerges creation.

The fire destroyed the frame, contents, and artifacts that held lives; a vessel of stories dismantled. It razed the partition between inside and outside and the myth of fixed boundaries. Surrounded by debris, a bird chirped, calling me to different ways of seeing, voices of perspective. I created this landscape, a reconfigured vessel of reimagined recollections.

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